Data Room What to Look For


The importance of digital solutions in business cannot be overvalued. Various researches prove that using online tools does not only increase the speed and strength of most business transactions, but is the required condition of keeping a leading position among competitors. Among the most in-demand platforms for business is a virtual repository. Learn which way it can be useful.

Online data room is the innovation which has earned the huge demand during the last decade. Even though initially designed for processing deals, the technology quickly got actively used in plenty of other areas as well: clinical trials, fundraising, legal practice, real estate, biotech licensing, etc. The major advantages of the technology are its convenient operation and security: parties can work with the VDR anytime, from anywhere, and without worrying having no worries about their data being safe.

When it is necessary the platform for performing deals online, it is most important to get well acquainted with all the main characteristics and options it has to be sure it can surely bring advantage to the organization - more about data room merrill. The key options to expect from a sophisticated service are the following ones:

Data encryption

Different vendors use various security measures for ensuring the files safety, but information encryption is among the standard ones. It supposes encoding the information placed in the data room in order to make the text unrecognizable for unauthorized users in the data room. This is the primary anti-hack step which is a necessary condition for all the VDRs. The difference might only be in the encryption standard used: the latest is 256-bit, but 128-bit is considered also very safe.


While encryption is viewed as a protection from improper accessing, using watermarks is a protection from improper sharing. Special watermarks attached to the files store the data about the document`s owning organization thus the copyright can be absolutely protected. These digital watermarks can be dynamic and, in this case, they can store the information about all the accesses that have taken place.

Two-step verification

The best way to secure the data room from hackers` attacks is to restrict their chances of ever viewing the files. To achieve this aim, many trusted VDRs offer two-way verification that proceeds in 2 components: typing down a user`s password in a combination with using the code that was sent directly to his mobile.

Performance monitoring and audit log

Activity tracking and audit log feature does not only help to check what exactly happens in the VDR, but also gives a feedback about the sides` level of interest in the transaction. Monitoring instruments used in a chosen data room mostly allow the target company to track the actions in the virtual storage and draw conclusions regarding the most active parties. The gathered data is highly valuable for processing deals when the result of the whole transaction may depend on the well considered negotiations.

Setting permissions

When there is a virtual data room, there is no chance for process participants to view the wrong files. The VDR itself controls the operations and can make certain documents impossible to view for the chosen system users. The only step that has to be done in advance is identifying the rights for the data room users, and to be sure they will certainly be carefully followed.

Q&A module

The indicated section has been intentionally designed to ensure online-based interaction between users. This means of interaction does not only help to minimize time losses, but also adds to the security of the discussed matters. For users` convenience, Q&A section may be equipped with the e-mail notifying system and document linking feature which offers an opportunity to link the certain files to the Q&A space.


Definite data rooms have basic interface which can`t be changed, the other products allow some chance of customization. Together with settings variations made by the users, the organization which possesses a VDR has a chance to select its chosen interface. In order to make the VDR recognizable for current and potential clients, well-known organizations use their logotypes and company colors.

The mentioned functions are absolutely significant for document security and efficient working. While the first three ones are used to arrange the documents safety, other four concern the way of using the information to make the working process better controlled and beneficial.

Online data room is a software that can perform a dramatic change in data storing, processing deals, and communicating with business partners. If you have decided on improving the quickness and efficiency of your business processes, start selecting the appropriate online data room today and get the profit tomorrow.


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